Rage Against The Extreme

Join me in the land of the middle ground where peace and equilibrium abound.

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People are talking rather loudly at you, whether they’re using their voices or not. They’re trying to tell you of their opinions, their desires, their expectations, their pain.

You can’t help but listen because their voices are loud, their pictures are high definition, and their taglines are bait. Volatility attracts your line of sight.

Touched-up faces, ads in 1080p, and dizzyingly divergent opinions. This is our world.

In order to keep up with the world, I thought that I needed to be like them too, or else I’d fade into oblivion, and no one would even care — or notice — that I was alive.

I thought I needed to fit myself into the categories that have been so neatly delineated for me. Democrat or Republican. Fierce feminist or obedient housewife. Drunk or sober. On Instagram or living under a rock.

But why do I need to be one extreme or the other? Why can’t I rest somewhere around the middle, where it’s far more peaceful?

Besides, keeping up with this maximum overload of media gets exhausting and I’m tired of this game that tries to out-extreme others. I don’t need to make $100,000 a month selling blah, blah, blah. I don’t need to have a perfectly symmetrical face.

As it turns out, a middle ground does in fact exist and I’ve started to take up residence there. It was hard to find, but now that I’m here, I’ve found it to be a far more enjoyable place to be than the far end of any spectrum.

For the past year or so, I’ve made a practice of taking root in this middle ground. I’ve yet to be a permanent resident there because I’m still at the mercy of this innate desire to want to fit in. But, I’m on my way to establishing a healthy balance between, well, balance and imbalance.

So, how have I found this middle ground?

Instead of having three beers tonight, I’m only having one. Instead of getting angry at someone for fill in the blank, I’m going to take five deep breaths first.

Instead of basing my entire self-worth on how much I can attract the attention of other people, on standing out, I’m going to practice just being me.

I can’t give up all my vices, at least not right now, but I’ll do my best, like I’m sure everyone else is. Striving for a perfection that doesn’t exist is just as bad as polishing off that six pack.

I’m not ready to throw out my television or become completely sober. I’m still going to partake in the shiny machinations the world has to offer, but I’m going to keep my toes dipped in the warm (but not scalding) waters of equilibrium.

Will you join me?




I implode daily but writing saves me

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AJ Weiss

AJ Weiss

I implode daily but writing saves me

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